Coaching Mums

Founded in 2003, Coaching Mums is a company devoted to teaching and supporting working mothers around the world how to break out of pressure-cooked, guilt ridden vicious circles.  Coaching Mums enables working mums to create career and business success on their own terms, ditch the guilt, cope with the pressures of modern life, manage their time better, enjoy their family, feel good about themselves as a mother and as a woman in their own right.. and have a lot more fun!

Coaching is done over the phone.

Before your first session, you will be sent a Coaching Welcome Pack. This includes a detailed Coaching Kick-Start Questionnaire that you will work on and send back to your coach prior to your first session.

 Take your time over this questionnaire; most clients find it enjoyable, thought provoking, and challenging. You will probably be thinking about your life in a way that you have never considered before. The questionnaire is designed to get you thinking – you will start to learn more about yourself whilst you are answering the questions.

Each week, you will have some “fieldwork” or “homework” to do – actions to move you forward. Don’t worry about this, because you will always either decide your fieldwork yourself, or agree to it with your coach. And you won’t get detention if you don’t do it! You will find a lot of your fieldwork great fun, as it will be all to do with your life and what interests you.

Prior to each session, you will fill in and email to your coach a Coaching Focus Form. This helps you and your coach to focus on your agenda during each session, and maximises your coaching time so that we can hone in on the areas that are your highest priority.


About CoffeeWithKath

Passionate about Technology in Education and how it can make a difference in the lives of students with Dyslexia. Founder of @ForDyslexia. Mom of twins. Juggling entrepreneurship and kids.

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