Kids: 7-year-old twins.

Career: Founder & CEO of ForDyslexia, a startup company making apps to help children with dyslexia learn how to read. (Landing page: Over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Was Executive Producer of the BAFTA winning children’s tv series, Pocoyo.

Coffee: Came to Madrid over 20 years ago. Originally from Delaware, USA. Live in the sierra with my family. Have a view of the 16th century monastery El Escorial, and try to run 5kms every morning before I sit down to work.



  1. José Cabrera

    Dear Kath! Congratulations and thank you for your great blog!. Although I am not a perfect person (I am a man), I have really enjoyed and learning a lot diving in your blog (I am sorry my Spanglish).It is a great honour to be a frind of yours. I am very proud!!

  2. Lou O'Brien Berl

    Kath, This is great. Can’t wait to read more later! Keep up the good job. So happy you are where you are! We’ll have to come see you in Spain some day with my girls!

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