Mixed Bag

Here are a list of webs that I have discovered and keep going back to for information or inspiration. It will be an ongoing list. If anyone has a web to recommend, please send me a message.

MISS REPRESENTATION. Consciousness shift.  http://www.missrepresentation.org/

MAKERS. Trailblazing women. http://www.makers.com/

KICKSTARTER. Crowdfunding.  http://www.kickstarter.com/

TREEHUGGER. A discovery company. http://www.treehugger.com/

GOOGLE FOR ENTREPRENEURS. http://www.google.com/entrepreneurs/initiatives/weow.html

TED. Ideas worth spreading. http://www.ted.com

KIREEI. Beautiful stuff. Lots of crafts. http://www.kireei.com/

PIMIENTA ROSA. Recipes. http://www.pimientarosa.com/

MEISI. Design. http://www.meisi.es/

GAIAM.Yoga, Fitness, Lifestyle.  www.gaiam.com/text/home/lpb.htm

MADE BY JOEL. Crafts. http://madebyjoel.com/

YO SÍ LO SÉ. Info about a lot of stuff in Madrid. http://www.yosilose.com/index.php

WORKING MOTHER. http://www.workingmother.com

WOMENALIA. Networking. http://www.womenalia.com/

HOLA MAMÁ. Ideas de decoración para niños. http://blog.holamama.es/

NATURAL COMO LA VIDA MISMA. Cestas de comida ecológica. http://www.naturalcomolavidamisma.com/


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